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Manufacturing Solutions

Welcome to the Audi Lumber Company Manufacturing Division, a pioneering force in the wood manufacturing industry in Lebanon. Renowned for our dedication to precision and innovation, our manufacturing division is equipped with cutting-edge machinery, including CNC (Computer Numerical Control) systems, edge bander machines, sawmills, and more.

At Audi Lumber Company Manufacturing Division, we specialize in transforming raw wood materials into exquisite, custom-crafted products. Our state-of-the-art CNC machines allow us to achieve unparalleled precision and intricacy in the manufacturing process. From furniture components to architectural elements, our CNC capabilities enable us to bring your designs to life with meticulous detail..

The utilization of advanced edge bander machines ensures that the finished products not only meet high aesthetic standards but also boast exceptional durability. These machines play a crucial role in seamlessly applying edge banding materials, enhancing the longevity and visual appeal of our wood products.

Our sawmill, equipped with cutting-edge technology, enables us to efficiently process raw timber into various dimensions, optimizing resource utilization and minimizing waste. The synergy of technology and craftsmanship defines our approach, allowing us to create a wide range of wood products that cater to diverse industries and applications.

What sets Audi Lumber Company Manufacturing Division apart is our commitment to marrying traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques. Our skilled artisans work in harmony with cutting-edge machinery, ensuring that each product reflects a harmonious blend of timeless craftsmanship and contemporary precision..

As a customer-centric manufacturing division, we collaborate closely with our clients throughout the production process. Whether you are in need of custom furniture components, architectural millwork, or specialty wood products, our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that align with your vision and specifications.

At Audi Lumber Company Manufacturing Division, we take pride in being at the forefront of the wood manufacturing industry in Lebanon. Experience the seamless integration of technology and craftsmanship as we transform raw wood into bespoke, high-quality products that elevate spaces and exceed expectations. Welcome to a world where innovation and tradition converge to create exceptional wood manufacturing solutions.

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+961 71 441 442